Samurai San Fashion Harnesses

Sustainable Fashion


In Samurai San we are committed to sustainable fashion, also called ethical fashion or Slow Fashion. All our products are handcrafted with high quality cowhide, which gives them a very long durability. Our designs are timeless and are not governed by fashions, so we anticipate a very long use of them.

Its degradation once we want to get rid of them is very fast, just a few months, considering that, although the skin is treated with chemical products for tanning, it is an organic material. That is why we use it instead of synthetic skin, whose degradation can take between 200 and 500 years and its use is reduced to very few seasons.

We have great respect and love for animals, so we only use skins from the food industry, and most of them we buy leftovers from the fur industry. We would never buy animal skins raised only for the use of their skins, although we investigated new materials that hopefully in the future would allow us to completely dispense with those of animal origin.

Based on this, we have begun to use the rubber of the tire chambers, giving them a new life, and we continue to investigate materials responsible for animals and the environment that we hope to incorporate as soon as possible.