Samurai San Fashion Harnesses



Ruth Duréndez, creator of Samurai San, designer and artisan of her own leather creations (harnesses, corsets and accessories) she was born in Orihuela, Alicante, but at the age of 10 she moved with her family to the city of Murcia. Throughout her childhood, she develops a lush imagination and creativity, devoting most of her leisure time to making toys, inventions, and writing novels.

Ruth Duréndez creadora de Samurai San y diseñadora de sus arneses y complementos

She began to sew very small, since at home she always heard the sound of the sewing machine, from the hand of her grandmother and her mother. Her first thimble danced on her finger when her grandmother bought it for her.

She completes her university studies in Business and Labor Relations, subsequently completing a Master's Degree in Occupational Risk Prevention and another in Human Resources, all combined with her work as a management coordinator in a company appraisals. The lack of time thereafter nullified all her creativity.

In 1999 she began practicing Aikido, Japanese martial art, and began to enter this culture, which makes her travel to Japan on several occasions. In Tokyo she marvels at how people feel free about the way they dress and express themselves, which triggers their imagination again.

It was 2016, after a few years of unemployment and job changes accompanied by a strong personal crisis, she decided to change the course of her life. She began painting T-shirts with Japanese motifs and later customizing her own clothing, until leather strips reached her hands. She knew she had to do something original and different with them, and images of harnesses that she had never noticed appeared.

The brand Samurai San by Ruth Duréndez was born in 2017, thanks to the support of her husband and friends, who saw her potential and encouraged her to make her hobby a profession. Ruth, without any training in the treatment of leather, began to research, search for tools and materials and above all learned the trial-error method very well.

In 2018 she presented her first collection of harnesses on the catwalk, in Alicante, participating since then in different fashion parades and collaborations with photographers and singers.

In December 2018 she collaborates with the singer "Melody" in her video clip "Rumbame" dressing the dancers with her harnesses. In July 2019, she presented the collection with the designer María Lafuente on the MERCEDES BENZ FASHION WEEK MADRID catwalk. Between March and May 2020 she collaborated with her harnesses in the presenter Lara Alvarez's outfits, on the Mediaset program “Survivor”, which had a great impact on the firm at the media level and public acceptance.

The early stages were difficult the product, harnesses, was not established within what is understood as an accessory, and it was difficult to introduce it into the public's mind as a new fashion accessory, but in recent years great designers have contributed to naturalize it, currently harnesses are a regular accessory in the main fashion catwalks.

She has now begun to introduce the figure of the corset, which models and stylizes the figure of the woman giving her more femininity.

His latest collections of harnesses and accessories are a clear illustration of her evolution and creativity.